The El Paso Police Department is looking for whomever is responsible for shooting three Coronado High School students with a pellet gun. The attack appears to have been intentional, but it's not known if it was premeditated.

The three students were running on the 6500 block of Cloudview behind the Coronado campus Monday afternoon. A car passed them then made a U-turn. When they passed the students again, the the male driver of the car fired the pellet gun at the students. One student suffered multiple hits from the pellet gun, another student's arm was grazed, and the third student was not hit. The injuries were not severe, but did leave marks.

Witnesses told police that the male suspect was driving a small four-door white car with tinted windows. The students were not able to give a description of the suspect or the car.

You have to be a special kind of coward to do something like this. Real manly move to shoot at kids on the street from a car. Wow. We're all really impressed with you, male driver suspect. You are an idiot.

Please, if you have any information involving this attack, please call the EPISD Police Services Department at (915) 230-2525.