El Paso police officers were caught on camera jumping out of their car and drawing their guns in dramatic fashion. But it’s not a scene you’ll be seeing at the top of the 6 o’clock news. It’s a clip from a music video meant to honor the men and women of the El Paso Police Department.

The video, titled "Born To Rise/El Paso Police Music Video" and credited to Beyond Reality Films, was uploaded to Youtube by user neo21821 as a “thank you” to El Paso’s Finest for putting their lives on the line “every day you put on the badge.”

It features the song “Born to Rise” by the Canadian rock band Redlight King. The group’s original video has been re-edited to include action shots of El Paso police officers doing stereotypical cop things like kicking in a door with guns drawn, chasing a couple of skateboard wielding criminals, making arrests, and, yes, even writing a ticket.

Although used as homage to the men and women in blue, Redlight King lead singer and lyricist Mark Kasprzyk has stated the song was written with another group of men and women in uniform in mind. In a 2013 interview with Guitar World, Kasprzyk revealed that “[Born to Rise] was inspired by the many men and women in the armed forces that sacrifice so much for us.”

No matter the uniform, camouflage or blue, they both definitely deserve public acknowledgement of their service.