Sad thing is we've seen this in El Paso.

Posted by 915 On Blast on Monday, July 13, 2015

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but the El Paso Police Department and the El Paso Fire Department probably wish that fewer words were used in response to a photo posted online that turned into a ugly verbal fight.

After the photo above was posted with the caption 'sad thing is, we've seen this in El Paso', a man who said he is an El Paso firefighter wrote "(That's) why they are called pigs We park our fire engines far away from the normal parking for people then walk to the stores." A guy named Joel Holguin, who made it seem like he is a police officer, fired back with "U guys won't get near a fire without and my partners have gotten people out of burning cars with no gear..u guys won't make an 'unsafe' scene without us." Then Holguin called fire fighters an ugly word for cats.

Officials with Police and Fire Departments say they won't investigate online postings unless a member of the public complains. They do tell their guys to be careful what they say online.

To me, it just seems like cops and firefighters have a tough enough job to do without using an out-of-town photo to bait them into an online war. It's one thing if an official vehicle is caught parking in a handicapped space for no good reason, but the photo doesn't make it clear why the police car was parked in that space, and unless you have a photo of an actual El Paso cop doing that, then why post it at all? The site is an El Paso-centric site, so this just seems like a cheap shot at our first responders.