All in all, our city is filled with great people, food, and culture. But according to one financial website, it’s not all good, El Paso.

Wallethub released its 2016 list of The Best Large Cities to Live In, and the Sun City ranked near the bottom.

The list-happy financial website analyzed the biggest cities in America with a population of over 300,000 and graded them based on a number of factors, including home and rent prices, the job market, weather, education, traffic, and overall health rates.

Of the 62 biggest cities in the country, El Paso came in at number 52. Apparently because of the number of fatties who live here, and our overall refusal to get up off the couch.

Although our "Liveability," "Education," and "Local Economy" ranks were mostly average, we had the worst health rank, coming in dead last in both the "number of adults in excellent or very good health" and "participation in physical activities" categories.

San Francisco was named the best city to live in. The worst big city to live in is Detroit.