Imagine looking at your child’s school work and seeing the drawing of a penis on it.

Now imagine finding out that a teacher was the artist.

Sandra Green says her son’s teacher at Chapin High School, Kim Juzdowski, drew the male genitalia on her son’s assignment because he wasn't doing anything in class --  apparently as a comment on what she felt he was doing.


When Green saw the picture on her son's social media, she emailed Juzdowski who admitted that she drew it because she embarrasses her students rather than punishes them.

Juzdowski offered an apology via email that sounds more like '#sorrynotsorry'. She said she was sorry that what she did caused offense and quote “I totally understand if you would like to meet with an administrator and have him moved."

Will Juzdowski be removed from Chapin? Nope. EPISD says she stays because she admitted what she did and is willing to change.

Green says if a male teacher did something similar to a female student, the district would have taken it more seriously, something I completely agree with. Apparently this teacher thinks this kind of thing is appropriate classroom behavior, and the district does as well. 'Willing to change'? How about 'willing to do your job in a manner befitting an adult and not a dirty-minded bathroom graffiti artist?' How about EPISD not brushing this under the rug and condoning this type of behavior by one of its teachers?

Ball dropped, EPISD.