A Humane Society employee saved a puppy from being thrown into a dumpster this week. That isn’t the shocking part of this story. The shocking part is, it happens more often than you might think.

Humane Society employee Jose Ortega saw a man about to toss 7-week-old Riley into a dumpster and stopped him. The dumpster was walking distance from the shelter. When Ortega asked the man what he was doing he said he had found the puppy, but he didn’t have time to take it to the shelter, so he decided to toss it in the dumpster. Ortega took Riley from the man but was so shocked at what the man had said, he didn’t get his name or license plate number.

Shelter officials say they hear from people all the time that they found animals dumped in trash cans, but there is something you can do if you see someone abandoning or dumping an animal. Call 311 to report it. Abandoning an animal is a Class C misdemeanor, and you can be fined or serve time in jail if you are convicted of it.

If you don’t want a pet, please, please, please, don’t abandon it. Just take it to the Humane Society and give it a chance at life, instead of a horrible death.

And if you’re looking for a pet, always adopt from shelters. Those are pets who just need a forever home.