El Paso is quickly becoming a popular travel destination for budget travelers and students seeking out new hot spots.

Gogobot, the travel website and app names El Paso as one of Gogobot’s Budget Travelers and Students Tribe Rising Stars Destinations list for 2016. According to data from Gogobot's more than 10 million travelers, the following listed cities are increasing in popularity among both budget and millennial travelers:

  • West Palm Beach
  • El Paso
  • Grand Rapids
  • Valencia
  • Annapolis
  • New Orleans
  • Madison
  • Ottawa
  • Warsaw
  • Fort Lauderdale
  • Chiang Mai

Gogobot’s 2016 Declining Budget Travelers and Students Tribe Destinations Worth a Second Look list may be experiencing a drop in tourism for reasons ranging from budget and student travelers simply being less enamored with them to economic or global concerns:

  • Porto
  • Bali
  • Rio de Janeiro
  • Athens
  • Dublin
  • Munich
  • Cancun
  • Jamaica
  • Rome
  • Barcelona

Find more information on Gogobot’s lists and ideas on where to stay, eat and play in each destination.

Gogobot takes a number of different factors into account when selecting its winners including reviewing data across the more than 60,000 destinations in its database.

More than 10 million used Gogobot to research places to go and to book great places to stay, eat and play in the past year. Members have posted more than one million reviews and shared more than five million photos and postcards on Gogobot’s free website and apps which are available on Android, Apple Watch and iPhone.