How much do we El Pasoans love our Girl Scout cookies? Enough to rank El Paso #7 on the list of Top Girl Scout cookie capitals nationwide. The website Daily Beast looked over data provided by the Girl Scout organization which included last season’s cookie sales, crunched the numbers, and determined that each g irl scout in El Paso  sells an average of 260 boxes of cookies! That's a lot of Thin Mints!

If just reading  about Girl Scout cookies makes you want to channel your inner cookie monster, you're in luck because -- joy of all joys -- it's Girl Scout Cookie time again! According to a recent El Paso Times article, about 46,000 cases of cookies are waiting on your checkbook at a distribution center in El Paso right now. All you have to do to get your Samoa nom-nom on is hit up your friendly neighborhood Girl Scout or the parental cookie pusher in your office. Cookie sales will run through March 4.

JUST ASKING: Which is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?