The El Paso Humane Society is trying to build their "Field of Dreams" by getting some landscaping done! 



The El Paso Humane Society is still look for bids from landscaping companies to help them make their "Field of Dreams" a fun, beautiful place for their animals to play! The Society has 3 bids so far, but they would like to see the what offers other companies will make. The area is 105 feet by 43 feet and they are looking for a company to help them even out the land, lay down sod and put in a sprinkler system.

They are also still fundraising for this project so if you would like to donate you can on their Special Projects Donation Page. For the grass and shade alone on this area, they believe it is going to cost about $10,000. The Humane Society would also like to add a swimming pool and agility course so the dogs can play!

If you know anyone who can help with this project, please contact the Humane Society of El Paso at (915) 532-6971.