Pope Francis will be in Juarez next week, and both El Paso and Juarez leaders are getting everything ready for his visit. With so many people expected to flood the borderland, El Paso hospitals know that there will be a lot of people who will be needing health care.

University Medical Center is gearing up for people with breathing problems, dehydration, or even a major catastrophic event with mass injuries and even casualties. UMC has it's Hospital Incident Command System, which means they are going to be coordinating with law enforcement to have beds, supplies, doctors and staff on hand in case of a major emergency.

Staff from the Hospitals of Providence will be spending the night at the hospitals so there won't be anyone caught in traffic who need to be at the hospitals. UMC is keeping all its neighborhood clinics open, and officials with both hospitals say they will be ready Americans, and Mexican nationals if Juarez needs help.

UMC is the official designated hospital for any head of state in the El Paso region who gets hurt, but it has not been confirmed that Pope Francis would be transferred to UMC if something were to happen.

There will also be aid stations throughout Segundo Barrio to help people.