Toll roads in El Paso open Friday morning, but just because they are, that doesn't mean that we all know how they work. Here are the answers to some of the most often asked questions.

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Q: How do I get a TollTag?

You can get a TollTag online at, or call the Customer Service Center at 351-8655.

Q: Where are the toll lanes and how do I get on them?

The Express Toll Lanes are marked by overhead signs and on the pavement. The pavement markings at a designated entry points have dashed lines on the entry side of the lane. You can enter the toll lane west of Zaragoza and west of Yarbrough. Going east? Jump into that lane east of US-54, east of Fonseca, and east of Yarbrough.

Q: Can I cross the double white lines?

No. César Chávez Express Toll Lanes are separated from regular lanes by double-white lines. It is illegal to cross these lines at any time. If you do cross into those lanes, you'll be subject to standard moving violation fines.

Q: What if I do use the Toll Lane without paying?

Equipment on the Express Toll Lanes take pictures of vehicle license plates and that information is used to identify the registered owner of the vehicle. A Toll Bill is then sent to the registered owner’s address.

Q: What about vehicles with out-of-state license plates?

A third party will be used to get out-of-state vehicle information, including vehicles with out-of-state and Mexican license plates.

Of course, the most important thing to remember is, the toll lanes are completely voluntary. If you don't want to use them, you don't have to.