It may be summer, but for a lot of El Paso parents, this is just a pause in the year before they have to start thinking about buying school uniforms.  School uniforms  can get expensive, especially if you have more than one child who needs them.  But now parents have the option of swapping outgrown school uniforms at the School Uniform Swap in Horizon City.

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Last year over 1,000 kids and 250 families took advantage of exchanging their outgrown uniforms for some that fit, and saved a lot of money too.

The swap is open to families throughout El Paso County and will be July 13th at Eastlake High School in far east El Paso.

You can take uniforms your children have outgrown to National Self Storage locations in the Lower Valley and Horizon City, and get a voucher you can use to get an equal number of pieces at the swap.

Organizers are looking for polo shirts with or without school logos, as well as khaki, black and blue pants.

I used to spend a ton of money on school uniforms for my sons, so I'm super jealous that I never got the opportunity to take advantage of a swap like this!