El Paso Ghost Tours will be doing a benefit tour in downtown El Paso tonight from 8pm to 11pm! All proceeds will go to the Susan G. Komen Foundation for breast cancer research. It will be a minimum donation of $15 to attend. They will also be raffling out a limited edition Susan G. Komen Scentsy burner. The tour will start at the Percolator located at 217 N. Stanton where they will be showing a video about the tour and their other events. The tour consists of a history walk around downtown, and will conclude with an actual paranormal investigation of a haunted hotel. Guests are encouraged to bring cameras, camcorders, or anything to gather paranormal evidence with.

For more information please call 1-877-GHOST-10.

About El Paso Ghost Tours

History, Legends, and Lore come alive as the best tour group in the southwest take you on an intriguing excursion through haunted El Paso; as you search for John Wesley Hardin, walk on the remains of a confederate cemetery, visit mineshafts and dozens of other haunts. This is the city's passionately authentic ghost tour, celebrating more than 15 years of ghost research.

El Paso Ghost tours is a growing organization with it's sister company Enchanted Ghost Tours doing investigations and tours all over New Mexico. They also made history in 2011 becoming the first ghost tour group from outside the state of Arizona to bring people to Tombstone for a ghost tour.

Join El Paso Ghost Tours on one of their famous tours in Downtown El Paso, Concordia Cemetery, The Amador Hotel, or San Elizario. For something extra special join one of their out-of-town tours in Tombstone, Cloudcroft, San Antonio, or Van Horn.

This is no ordinary ghost tour. El Paso Ghost Tours are known for their authenticity, and we've been told they're provocative, dark, historical and sometimes more than a little scary. Our tours have been called intelligent, sophisticated, and a lot of fun. But they're also more than a little unnerving. All you have to bring is your imagination, an open mind, and a camera.

So come along with our team of paranormal investigators as they take you on a two-hour tour that travels back in time through El Paso's mysterious past -- and up to its haunted present!

We can never guarantee any of the sites on the tour will produce an active supernatural occurrence -- nor can we guarantee they won't.Just be warned . . .Strange things have occurred on our tours in the past!