The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is warning El Paso residents about a scam involving a fake electric company.

A new nationwide ongoing involving people claiming to work for utility companies are asking for immediate payment to be made to prevent services from being shut off.

The scam usually involves a phone call stating an employee is calling on behalf of the utility company, in this instance, the electric company.  The caller will claim the victim  needs to change their meter because it’s defective or their services will be cancelled. Often, the called will say there is an outstanding amount on their bill.  In either case, the victim is asked to pay money to avoid services shut off and even suggests an easy and convenient way to send it using Green DOT-MoneyPak.


Be suspicious of callers asking for payment using a prepaid debit card. El Paso Electric does NOT encourage customers to give personal or confidential information to any unknown party over the telephone. Customers may call El Paso Electric Customer Service @ 915-543-5970/575-526-5555 or toll free to 1-800-351-1621.