Triple digit heat isn't just tough on people, it's tough on equipment, as well. That's why El Paso Electric might have to implement managed power outages.

Officials with EPE released a statement saying:

“At this time, El Paso Electric does not intend to interrupt service to our customers. However, in the event we were to lose a generating unit or transmission line during system peak, we may need to conduct managed outages in order to maintain the stability of our local electric grid. In the event managed outages were implemented, they would be expected to last no more than 45 minutes per outage, and we intend to maintain service at all times to area hospitals, police and fire stations, and most infrastructure designated as critical.

Additionally, EPE reached out our region’s emergency coordinators to ask for its assistance in setting up heat relief centers should they be needed. With their assistance, several locations in New Mexico and Texas were identified as heat relief centers. EPE has also assisted the American Red Cross by purchasing and delivering water and Gatorade to the locations identified. We will continue to work through this forecasted extreme weather event with the City, County, and all other stakeholders. We ask that everyone be safe and continue to conserve energy.”

There are a number of ways you can help conserve energy which could help relief stress on El Paso's electrical system. You can check out those tips here. It makes sense for all of us to work together to try and avoid the need for managed outages. We saw during the freeze a couple of winters ago that things can get serious pretty quickly when our utility systems get strained. Do your part to help make sure that we don't all melt like crayons in the sun this summer!