I always love watching heartwarming dog rescues and transformation and it is extra special to see one in El Paso. This dog is one of the best by far and he is available to be adopted!

This little dog was surrendered by its owner to be euthanized at the El Paso Animal Services. The owner said they believed the dog was ill and needed to be put down. Animal Services believes the dog may have had trouble eating and moving, from the massive amount of fur from a lack of grooming.

The staff at El Paso Animal Services examined the dog and realized the dog was perfectly healthy. The dog is actually a suitable candidate to be adopted, after the pup was cleaned and groomed a bit. Actually, groomed A LOT. Animal services called the owner to let them know and see if they could put the dog up for adoption and they agreed to adoption. The dog is now available and is at El Paso Animal Services as we speak. If you would like to go and look at this dog, he is in kennel C27. The dog is thought to be about one or two years old, judging by how healthy the teeth are. The dog is a poodle breed. Dr. Marilyn Christensen, director of Animal Services, told us that the dog had a very sweet temperament and was calm and happy when he was being trimmed.

Kudos to the City of El Paso Animal Services for doing a wonderful job saving another innocent animal but the fight isn't over yet. This dog still needs a great forever home to go to. If you are interested in this or any of their wonderful dogs that are up for adoption, please contact the City of El Paso Animal Services at (915) 842-1000. There are many well deserving animal just waiting for a chance to be your best friend. The City of El Paso Animal Services also had their Be Paw-some campaign going on now, where adopting a dog is at a discounted rate. You can read more about their Be Paw-some and check out their website.