A far east El Paso day care is under investigation, and KFOX 14 says it’s not the first time the owners have been under scrutiny.

A mother of a child who attended A Place To Grow daycare on Pellicano says surveillance video shows her 5-year-old son out the back door of the facility to a karate studio next door. The boy said he was made to do push-ups on a concrete block as punishment for misbehaving by the karate instructor. Some of the parents let their kids take karate during the day, but this parent did not.

Owners of A Place To Grow, Jaime and Claudia Sandoval, have been cited for violations in the last two years at their three daycare locations.

Last year, one of the daycare locations was cited because they tied down a child during nap time as a form of discipline. The daycare was also cited for not following proper diaper-changing procedures. Neither Jaime nor Claudia Sandoval would comment on the KFOX 14 story. The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and the El Paso Police Department are investigating the incident.