After a number of high profile excessive force cases involving law enforcement around the country, El Paso County officials are looking at body cams for Sheriff's deputies and constables. But there are a number of questions surrounding their decision.

The Sheriff’s Office already has 10 cameras that are used by deputies who ride motorcycles. Sheriff Richard Wiles said that "from time to time, an officer may step over the line. We want our officers to act ethically and professionally within the law.” He went on to say that body cams can make officers more accountable for their actions. Wiles thinks that by getting body cams for his deputies, they will be ahead of the game because of the nationwide trend of law enforcement using body cams.

County Commissioners have to deal with the cost of getting body cams. They are looking at grants that could prevent them having to raise taxes in order to get body cams. The cameras could run $400 a piece, and an additional $100 per officer per month for data storage. County officials are still looking at the body cam issue and will make a decision about them sometime in the future.