Father figure who helped his employees with small loans, or a peeping Tom who secretly videotaped women in his home? Four female employees of Kinley's House say Kinley Pon is a peeping Tom, and they've filed a lawsuit against him.


The women say that at first, Pon seemed like a kind man who would give them small loans for school, and host fundraisers for church organizations. Pon even asked the four women to house sit for him when he went out of town, paying them ten dollars a night, and telling them to use his master suite and bathroom while they were there overnight.

But the lawsuit filed by the women says Pon would text the women and tell them to let him know exactly when they were at his home, and that they needed to keep the bathroom door open at all times, even when they showered, because of the possibility of mold.

One of the women decided to look around the bedroom after that text and allegedly found a small camera hidden inside a sock with a hole cut out for the lens which was pointed at the bathroom door and shower. The shower had a clear shower curtain. The lawsuit alleges that the camera was set with a motion detector which notified a cellphone, and was automatically uploading video online.

In the lawsuit, the women say they felt like Kinley's was a "hostile work environment" after they found the camera, so they quit. They say the are suffering from "severe emotional pain and mental anguish," and are asking for unspecified damages.

A trial date for the lawsuit has not been set.