Roadside memorials for people who have died in car accidents are a common site around El Paso, but soon, they might not be allowed. El Paso City Council says they might be unsafe, and are looking into other ways of memorializing those lost.

City Rep. Lily Limon suggested offering grieving families the chance to plant a tree at a park. She also said plaques or park benches might be more appropriate ways of remembering loved ones who have died in car accidents.
The City would charge a one-time fee of up to $350 for a permanent memorial tree, or a one-time fee of up to $3,000 for a permanent memorial bench. Maintenance of the trees and benches at any city park or trail would be the City’s responsibility. The City would not outlaw other roadside memorials, but they would not be allowed to be left up indefinitely.

City Council did not take a vote on this issue, but did ask staff members to give an update about alternatives to roadside memorials in the next 30 days.