Could El Pasoans be given the chance to get a closer view of the Pope when he visits by gathering on Loop 375 (Border Highway)? El Paso City Council had a special meeting to discuss that possibility today, but the answer from El Paso Police was a resounding 'no'.

Several city reps said they were being innundated with calls from constituents who wanted to know why the Border Highway needed to be closed. El Paso police Chief Greg Allen told city reps that opening the Border Highway would put people at risk. He was reportedly visibly frustrated while talking to the mayor and city council while explaining that there wasn't enough time to change plans.

Allen said that in addition to the lack of time, it would cost an additional $188,000 for overtime for 350 additional officers, fencing and metal detectors. Chief Allen said if they had more time it may have been a possibility.

Council voted to keep Allen's safety plan in place, therefore, a portion of Loop 375 (Border Highway) will remain closed during the papal visit.