The Lower Valley will be getting a new place to cool off. El Paso City Council said yes to a new Spray Park facility and Aquatic Center at the Pavo Real Recreation Center yesterday. The Park will include water toys, jets, and shade canopies, while the Aquatic Center will have water slides, lazy rivers, rock-climbing walls, water buckets, water playgrounds and other features.

The new facilities will be fun and save the City money in the long run. Spray Parks cost less to build and maintain, and can be open more hours during the day than traditional swimming pools. Traditional pools can cost over $70,000 per season to operate, but Spray parks only cost about $16,000 per season.

District 6 Rep. Claudia Ordaz pushed this initiative through Council. She says Pavo Real is one of the most heavily used parks in town, but people aren't using the pool. Ordaz says a water park would be ideal for that, and other areas of town. Ordaz says Council will continue scouting out future locations for other Spray Parks in El Paso. Construction on the park at Pavo Real is expected to begin next year.