Mando "the Monster" Medina from our sister stations, KLAQ and ESPN 600 AM - Photo by Alex Chavez

The El Paso Chihuahuas unveiled their uniforms on Wednesday night and judging from the comments left by women on my FaceBook account, they did not disappoint!  Ladies, I’ve decided to do you a solid and post the best pictures here. You’re welcome.

Here’s a few of the comments I received (the guilty shall remain nameless, unless you decide to look at my Facebook account that is);

“And the winner is….” I’m not the smartest guy there is but I’m sure this person wasn’t talking about JUST the uniforms.

“Guys in baseball pants…why wasn’t I invited!?!”

“I like the grey uniform that says El Paso. Yes, ummm, the uniform is great. Can I tag along your next meet and greet?”

And my personal favorite, “Go team sucias!”

In all seriousness though, there was a positive buzz from the invited guests and assembled media.  I expect the anticipation to only grow as we get closer to opening day this coming April.

A total of five uniforms were shown to the public and there’s still a few surprises coming our way in the form of special jerseys that’ll be unveiled at various points throughout the season.

All the jerseys you see here are currently available for sale at the El Paso Chihuahuas team shop located at 303 N. Oregon Street, Suite 120.  For more information on season tickets and “Paw-tial" season seat plans, you can call 915-533-BASE.

My personal favorite was the black jersey/white pants combo.  Which do you like best?

Main home uniforms - Photo by Alex Chavez
Main road uniform - photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Photo by Alex Chavez
Hey, it's Alex Chavez! - Photo by Alex Chavez, haha!