You know I love me the Downtown El Paso ballpark. I've been on board since the beginning, but even I can't defend the latest news out of the El Paso Chihuahuas camp. C'mon guys, why you gotta do things like asking to rent out 600 parking spaces for a buck?

Earlier this week, it was reported that the County and the Chihuahuas were working on a deal for the team's employees to use the County's parking garage on game days. Rent for the 600 spaces at full price would be about $192,800, or if the team was charged half price, it would be about $98,300. That would have covered the parking spaces and salary and benefits for one cashier. The County asked the Chihuahuas what they would be willing to pay, but got no response for a couple of days, then, they got a number from the team.

One. Dollar.

Yup. 600 parking spaces for a dollar. Not a dollar a car per game. Nope. One dollar for all the home games.

Seriously, Chihuahuas, did you think this was a good idea? I'm not going to even go into why that was such a boneheaded move. I'm just going to say, stop going one step up and seventeen steps back. Pull out your checkbook and pay at least half the regular going rate for the County garage.

That is all. Sheesh.