The two sides of the ballpark debate finally got a ruling yesterday from a state court in Austin.

The City of El Paso got the go ahead for it’s plans to build a minor league ballpark in downtown El Paso because the judge in the case said the group opposed to the ballpark didn’t prove their case that the City shouldn’t be allowed to issue voter approved bonds to build the ballpark.

So is it time to play ball?  Well.......

el paso times/Mark Lambie

But the ballpark opponents say they do still have a glimmer of hope in stopping the destruction of City Hall because the judge would not rule on whether City Council should put an initiative before voters in May to approve tearing down City Hall.

Last week, Council did approve putting a petition on the May ballot to give voters their say about tearing down City Hall after City Rep. Eddie Holguin pushed for it.

AAA baseball park rendering (special to El Paso Times)

But attorneys for the City and MountainStar Sports Group, which owns the Triple-A team that is scheduled to move to El Paso, said that because of the way the petition is worded, even if it is approved by City Council and placed on the ballot, it would have little effect of stopping the demolition of City Hall.

Opponents do have 30 days to appeal the decision, but the judge set a 1 million dollar bond for anyone seeking an appeal.

That would require opponents to come up with 100 thousand dollars, something opponents say they can’t afford.

So the question is: