The national U.S. Border Patrol union recently endorsed Donald Trump in the presidential election. It is the first time that they have ever endorsed a candidate for the office of President. Their choice has many in the local Border Patrol union scratching their heads as to why they decided to throw political weight behind such a polarizing and controversial candidate. A number of agents in the El Paso and Las Cruces area are now asking their local union to disavow that endorsement, and further, to not endorse any candidate.

The local agents say the reason why the Borderland is so safe is because of the efforts to build trust between the community and law enforcement. The agents feel that trust would be damaged because of the incendiary way Trump speaks about illegal immigrants.

Over 20 elected officials, education groups and community leaders in the area agree with the agents. They released a letter backing up the agents in their quest to distance themselves from Trump. The local Border Patrol union members will be holding a meeting today (Tuesday, April 12) to discuss the issue and decide what their next move will be.