Who hasn't seen the amazing tear jerking video of Jonathon Montanez and Mitchell Marcus?! It got the attention of the whole country...including some VERY BIG names...

First, if you have fallen off the face of the Earth and are one of the few that hasn't seen this heartwarming video...watch it first!

This amazing video got the attention of Justin Bieber's manager, Scooter Braun! He flew Jonathon and Mitchell out to L.A. this past weekend where they sat on the sidelines for the Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder game! They shot hoops around with Kevin Durant and Chris Paul, even had an evening out to dinner with Scooter...no word if the Biebs made dinner but who knows! And today they shot an episode with Ellen! It will air tomorrow on NBC! So awesome for them and for the city of El Paso! Way to go Mitchell and Jonathon!


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