We all heard the story from last week about the woman who hoarded 54 dogs and 1 cat in her East El Paso home. Now Pets Barn wants to help you out if you decide you want to give a forever home to one of the dogs!


Those 54 dogs are now being put up for adoption and looking for their forever home. All of these dogs were living in one home together and are ready to finally get a home of their very own. Adopting a shelter dog is a great decision! Here are some great reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog:

You are saving a life. If you adopt a dog, that makes more room for another dog to be put in the shelter and get a chance to get a home as well.

Your new adopted pet will be healthy. The animals that are up for adoption all are up to date with shots and checked to see if there are any health issues with the pet. So the pet you know will be healthy and well taken care of until he or she gets i your hands. Also, all the dogs are fixed so that is a cost you don't have to worry about.

Shelter pets are cheaper. When you buy a pet from a breeder or pet store your paying substantially more than you would at a shelter. With all that extra cash, think of all the adorable outfits you can get your new love! Or is that just me?

You don't support puppy mills or pet stores. All the money that is generated goes straight back into the shelter to help with other animals there. So when you pay for your new bundle of awesomeness, you are helping pay for vet costs, pet supplies, and other necessities that those animals sill in the shelter need.

You know the dog you are about to own. Some dogs that are bought not through a shelter, you don't know the personality or behavior of the dog. The dogs at the shelter are looked at to make sure their personality and behavior are good so the dog can be adopted out.

Pets Barn will give you free dog food for a year! That's right! Pets Barn wanted to help the people who decide to adopt these sweet, innocent dogs that need a good home. So not only will you feel great for your good deed, Pets Barn wants to make pet ownership a little easier for you as well.

So go ahead and get down to the shelter to check out these beautiful dogs. They need love, attention, food, and a home. Are you the forever home they are looking for?

The City of El Paso animal shelter is open Monday through Friday 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM. The shelter is located at 5001 Fred Wilson Road, right across from Ft. Bliss Cemetery. You can contact them at (915) 842-1000 or visit their webpage here. You can read about the animals that were rescued from our news partner ABC-7 here.