The latest Fattest Cities in America list is out, and good news El Paso, we're no longer in the top 10. Heck, we're not even in the top 30.

Apparently the whole 'not having enough money to buy food' thing is really working for us.

Based on the voodoo science from Wallethub that takes into consideration things like the number of fatties who live here and how many unhealthy habits we partake in, El Paso has gone from a plus-sized #7 to a "more of me to love" #35 -- in one year!

But you probably want to put that third donut down, and cancel your plans to have a double order of Chico's Tacos with fries and a large Coke for lunch because even though that was a huge overall improvement, we're still home to the second highest percentage of citizens with diabetes.

That being said, I guess I should push away from the dinner table and do my share of shaping up. Note to self: do more squats and less diddly squat.