You think you have it tough at your job? How about the former editor of El Diario de El Paso? He was forced to resign BY HIS OWN FATHER!


Ivan Rodriguez Fierro, who was the editor of El Diario de El Paso until Monday, abruptly left his position and released this statement to the media:

"Friends and colleagues, I’d like to announce that I will no longer be working for El Diario de El Paso. As some of you may know, I am the son of the President, Mr. Osvaldo Rodriguez Borunda. Mr. Borunda asked me to step down from my job as Editor in Chief this morning due to a divorce he is going through with my mother.

It is a family related issue. It was a pleasure working with all of you. Thank you for helping me grow in my career and as a journalist. Thank you again and I hope you enjoyed working with me as much as I enjoyed working with you.

Best of luck, Ivan Rodriguez

Wow! This sounds like something that happens in novelas, not in a newsroom! So far, all that is known is what is in the release, but apparently the word of the day at the Diario de El Paso is "dysfunctional"!