Donald Trump wasted no time in using "El Chapo" Guzman’s prison break for political gain.

Trump hit up Twitter and went off on border security, Mexico, and Mexico's most powerful drug lord, resulting in a response by someone claiming to be El Chapo himself. Trump's online rant started with a Tweet Sunday regarding Guzman's jail break.

And over the next 24 hours, he fired off a flurry of border-related Tweets, including the following:





Someone from an unverified Twitter account purported to be El Chapo's who was clearly not happy with the criticism aimed at him and his country replied to Trump in Spanish that he would make him eat his words if the presidential candidate didn't slow his roll. Well, he actually used far more colorful language.

Trump has since contacted the FBI regarding the threat. There's no word if they consider the warning to be credible, though.