I admire parents who can calmly get their kids to take those priceless holiday pictures. Getting your kid to sit still on a creepy Santa or Easter Bunny is a talent. Unfortunately, this dad had to chase his adorable kid through the aisles of Walmart, after she saw the Easter Bunny.

After having to dress up like an Easter bunny last week for Mike and Tricia's 2014 Easter Basket Drive, which you can still donate to online, I sympathize with my fellow bunnies. Kids weren't terrified of me but they still didn't trust a girl in fluffy bunny suit.

I am just glad I didn't cause any kid to cry, unlike this poor girl.

This 3-year-old is terrified of a Easter bunny that is sitting on a throne of Coca-Cola. Her father is recording her freak out as he attempts to get her back to the bunny. I love her attempt to hide behind a vacuum.

I do feel bad for laughing at the little girl's freak out but if the dad can laugh, so can everyone else.