UPDATE: Tricia woke up with a stomach bug this morning and wasn’t able to make it in to work. Since she was the one in possession of the bunny suit, we’ve been forced to postpone the Easter basket collection until tomorrow, Thursday March 29. Please scroll down for the updated schedule. We are truly sorry if this inconvenienced you in any way.

Hi, it's Mike and Tricia! It's time to help us put a smile on the face of a child in need this Easter Sunday. Our Easter bunny will be hitting the streets of El Paso starting Thursday, March 29, in an effort to collect 500 store-bought pre-assembled baskets.

That's one for every abused, displaced or neglected child organizations such as The Rescue Mission of El Paso, The Center against Family Violence, The Salvation Army, and The Transitional Living Center help out.

Pre-assembled store bought Easter baskets and/or cash donations can be dropped off with our Easter bunny between 7 and 9 AM:

Thursday March 29 - Wal Mart parking lot on Transmountain
Friday March 30 - Wal Mart parking lot on Joe Battle
Monday April 2 – Walgreens parking lot on Geronimo and I-10 West
Tuesday April 3 – Wal Mart parking lot on N. Mesa off I-10 West
Wednesday April 4 – Cielo Vista Mall parking lot by JC Penny

Or Monday - Friday between 8AM and 5PM at our studios located at 4180 N. Mesa. We realize times are still tough and many of us continue to pinch pennies, but whatever you can do to help is greatly appreciated. Every dollar and every store bought basket adds up!

Oh, and if you’d like to get your classroom or office involved please call Tricia Martinez at 544-9300 or email tricia@ksii.com