How soon is TOO soon to dress up as your favorite dead famous person? I can’t answer that for you but you’re sure to find out for yourself if you decide to stop by this party on the Eastside of town tonight.  Have fun!

Halloween is this coming Thursday, but you know the majority of celebrations will be taking place tonight.  If you need a little inspiration on deciding how to celebrate this Halloween, do what I do and check out Annie’s Adventure’s.  Those of you with a bit of a morbid sense of humor (my favorite kind!) may want to check out tonight’s dead celebrity themed party.  Just remember to have fun when you head out this weekend and as always, get home safely.

What: Celebrity Death Party

Where: Steve O’s New American Restaurant - 1491 Lee Trevino

When: October 26th, 2013 - starts at 7 p.m. till “the barrel is laid to rest”

More Info: Call 590-8000

Photo Courtesy of Steve O's FaceBook Page