The Cielo Vista Apartments complex on Airway has seen better days, but the 55-year-old complex is going to get a major facelift. Mimco Inc., one of El Paso’s biggest shopping center developers, is going to demolish a portion of the complex and put a new retail center in its place.

Mimco says they want to have a mixed-use, retail and residential complex on the heavily trafficked Airway corridor. The company says they have heard from restaurant chains that are interested in the area, as well, restaurants that would be new to El Paso.

The company is also trying to attract a small grocery store, such as Trader Joe's into the complex because they want to put a smaller format grocery store in the center. Mimco officials haven't contacted Trader Joe's as of yet, and their plans might run into a snag. El Paso is not in Trader Joe's two-year expansion plan, according to their spokesperson.

The proposed center would have seven separate buildings, according to plans submitted to the city. I live in that area, and the upgrade to the Cielo Vista Apartments complex is something I think all the residents of the area would like to see.

And a Trader Joe's. We want a Trader Joe's. Please, Santa, get us a Trader Joe's.