There are TONS of great purses to win in this year's Great Purse Giveaway and for the first time ever, you can register to win purses online AND at our sponsor locations.

If this is your first time entering our online contests, here's how it works. When you sign up, you'll get 2,500 points to spend as you wish. Each entry will cost you 500 points. To earn more points, you can answer trivia or take surveys from our Great Purse Giveaway sponsors. Each trivia or survey should only take about 10 seconds to complete.

You can visit the Great Purse Giveaway surveys here, and the Great Purse Giveaway trivia here. Don't fret over the trivia, we've made each question really easy for you.

Once you have more points, you can continue to enter each of our online purse giveaways once daily. You can find all the online contests on our Great Purse Giveaway page in the scrolling top section of the page.

Don't forget there are also several places you can go and register in person! The purses online are separate from the purses at our client location, so register for all of them! You can find a list of the on-location purses here. For those purses, you must go to each location to register to win.