Be honest.  You've sat at your computer, fingers poised above the keyboard, ready to hit send on an email that blasts someone.  Beads of sweat formed on your forehead.. your heart raced.. your hands shook.. but then you thought better and didn't hit send.  Perhaps the CEO of MHMR should have called you before HE hit send!

Gary Larcenaire is the CEO of El Paso's Mental Health Mental Retardation, and over the past couple of weeks he's been defending himself after news of his contract was revealed.  170 thousand dollar base salary, 700 dollar a month car allowance, 255 THOUSAND DOLLAR PAYOUT if he is fired before his contract is up, no matter the reason!  Yeah, you can see why people are wondering who this guy is and why he's worth all that and more.  Up until yesterday, there wasn't a crack in his armor about  his contract.  He even went on Darren's show and spoke candidly about it.   Then he wrote an email to his employees, an email that one of his employees then leaked to Channel 7.  To say the least, it sounds a little snarky.  Check it out.

Now I'm not saying he's wrong for being defensive about all the media attention.  God knows I've dealt with a bit of unwanted media attention myself!  But this email sounds like it was written by a middle school mean girl!  I think this CEO needs to remember that he's the boss, not one of the gang hanging around the watercooler! 

One more piece of advice - if you're going before the County Commissioners Court and the City Council to beg for money, your salary is coming out of the pockets of taxpayers, and your contract is a shock to even elected officials, who really should have kept a closer eye on those negotiations, then don't be surprised when people start digging around.  These are tough times and this is a poor town.  We want to know why and how such a sweet deal was inked.  And another thing, why you think you deserve a big party to celebrate 8 years at your job.  Some of us don't make 170 thou a year, get 700 dollars a month for a car, or even get a Christmas card from our company.  You want a party?  Pay for it yourself.  You make enough money.