This story happened in 2009 but I had heard nothing about it, and it is pretty bizarre.

4-year-old Hayden was found early Tuesday morning wandering the streets of his neighborhood wearing a dress.

His mother woke up panicked at about 2 a.m. to find her little boy gone. Little did she know he managed to get himself a beer from his grandpa's cooler and also managed to get out of the house through the front door.

Even though the door had a child protective device on it, Hayden still was able to get out. He stumbled across the street into a neighbor's yard and discovered an unlocked door. Hayden let himself into the residence where he then stole 5 presents under their Christmas tree. One present contained a little girls dress, the dress Hayden was found wearing.

The mother was confronted by child protective services and she will be able to keep Hayden. She mentioned to police that Hayden's father is in prison and Hayden tries "to be bad on purpose because he wants to go to jail with his dad". Such a sad and bizarre story. Hayden is now 10 years old and is reportedly doing well.