My fellow NMSU students...sad day in ice cream news!

Got news today, just this instant actually that the Dairy Queen in Las Cruces on University closed down for good. The building is already up for sale! I wonder what happened? I continued to investigate and began to wonder if maybe it was due to poor service. I found some customer reviews on the Yelp website and it was looking grim. Here are some reviews:

"Horrible customer service every time I go, and I go a lot. Very slow drive thru, slow employees, incorrect orders etc, etc, etc..."

"The blizzards are great but the service can use some help. Since most of the staff are high school or college kids they seem not to care to give good service..."

"I went to DQ for a hamburger and fries. The staff talked and played when they were supposed to be working. It took a long time to get my order and the food wasn't prepared very well, it was room temerature also. I've eaten at various DQ restaurants that were excellent and the food great. This wasn't one of them..."

I think maybe this was a direct reflection of the poor sales. Who knows! And each review has only 1-2 stars. So long DQ of Las Cruces! Let's see what pops up in that building now.