The Union Plaza Entertainment District is a happening place, but one club wants to make sure it's known for it's hip atmosphere, and not the assaults, stabbings and even shootings that go down there.

Rico Torres, the manager of Club Black Pearl said he wants an adult destination without the drama that seems to dog a lot of the clubs in the District. To try and ensure that, Club Black Pearl has changed it's age limit on Saturday nights to 25 and over for men, and 21 and over for women. Torres says it's because women are more mature than men.

Torres said that in the beginning of the Entertainment District, the crowd was younger, but now, it's getting older and they want to step up into the older crowd.

The Downtown Management District says they are supportive of businesses that are working to keep downtown safe. Rudy Vasquez, the DMD spokesperson said that even though there are still incidents, downtown is relatively secure.

Good for Club Black Pearl. It's nice to see that they want to make sure everyone has a safe, fun experience downtown.