So, the City is going to build a Triple A ballpark in downtown El Paso - maybe you've heard something about that?  The City has also hired 3 artists to art-up the joint.  So the question is, what kind of art do you want to see at the ballpark?

In case you've forgotten, the subject of 'art', got the City into a lot of hot water last year right alongside the ballpark controversy.  I always thought art was either something you like, or something you don't - turns out, it can also be used to say that Mexican immigrant women could only work as strippers on Alameda.  I'm not kidding.


But, that's all in the past.  Now, we have a ballpark, an 850 thousand dollar budget, and 2 of 3 artists with ties to El Paso who are going to design, manufacture, and install their artistic vision at the ballpark.  Here's a quick rundown of the artists and what they are known for:

Ball-Nogues of Los Angeles, CA; Gaspar Enriquez of San Elizario, TX; and Robert Davidoff of El Paso, TX.

Ball-Nogues Studios create environments "that enhance sensation, generate spectacle and invite physical engagement".

Gaspar Enriquez was born and raised on El Paso's south side.  His art "features powerful, acrylic, air-brushed portraits of people who interest him, from former students to celebrities".

Robert Davidoff is a local Texas artist whose work "is in the form of large metal installations with themes ranging from classical to contemporary".

I have no idea what any of that means, and I don't know what kind of art should be at a ballpark.  But, before these artists get started, they probably shouldn't use the following examples of 'art' in their proposals to the City!

city of el paso
courtesy: facebook

I mean, there's no sense in creating any controversy, right?