I'm digging on Karmin's song 'Brokenhearted', and tonight at Freedom Crossing on Fort Bliss, you can see it performed live for FREE!!!!

The concert is completely free and I'll be at Ft. Bliss from 6pm - 8pm doing stage announcements and enjoying the show!

Watch some great music and even do a bit of shopping at the Freedom Crossing Shops.

You can even grab a bite to eat before the concert at the Exchange Food Court!

Lucky KISS winner Lori Garcia will be joining me for a meet and greet with Karmin before they take to the stage to rock the joint!

So don't miss the show!  And to get you worked up and ready to party tonight, check out 'Brokenhearted'!

And don't forget to vote for Karmin to be on the cover of Rolling Stone in their 'Women Who Rock' issue!