So you found the girl of your dreams. Awesome! You finally got the nerve to ask her to marry you and she said YES! Congratulations! She started planning the wedding right away and everything is set! Wait. Not too fast. The groom has a few things to take care of before the big day as well. Grooms, do not get married before checking off the following...

  • 1

    Extra Dress Shirt

    Odds are someone or something is going to spill wine on your beautifully pressed dress shirt so bring an extra. Just in case.

  • 2

    The Vows

    You thinking of impressing her by memorizing the vows, right? Wrong. Odds are you are going to go blank under the pressure. Write them down, just in case.

  • 3

    The Ring

    No explanation here!

  • 4

    Energy Drink

    The Biggest night of your life. So don't let fatigue set in. Buy yourself a couple of wings, just in case!

  • 5

    The Camera

    This day takes months to prepare for but will wiz by in what seems like minutes. Capture it on digital. Oh. Remember to have a blast! Congratulations!