There's nothing like a word like 'gay' to get a group of young kids giggling uncontrollably, and when you're a teacher trying to get them to learn "Deck the Halls" for a Christmas pagent, that can be a problem.  So, what is a teacher to do?  Why, change the word, of course!

Michigan parents were up in arms when they got word that their first and second graders would be singing, "Don we now our bright apparel, fa la la, la la la, la, la, la" instead of "Don we now our GAY apparel, fa la," well, you know the rest.  The teacher said she was tired of trying to keep them on track whenever they got to the 'gay' part and made a command decision to change it.  You can check out the complete story from yahoo here, but what would you think if your kid's teacher changed a 150 year old Christmas carol because it was too 'gay'?

And just because Mike is a Gleek, here's their take on 'Deck the Halls'!  And they don't shy away from the 'gay'!