Meet Jordan. He was found in a slimy Los Angeles river with his leg cut off. His rescue will bring you to tears.

After being spotted by a runner in the abandoned river way of the busy Los Angeles suburbs, Jordan was taken for medical attention. A witness had seen a homeless man abusing Jordan and days later he was found. Apparently he was left for dead in the slimy bacteria infested waters.

His right hind leg was cut off, he was hungry, cold and in tremendous pain. The veterinarian said it was a miracle he survived this type of trauma. He did contract a bacterial infection but the doctors fixed him right up and he was sent home to heal to his foster mom, Lisa.

After some love, food, nurturing and lots of medicine, Jordan is now learning to live with his adopted brother and sister and is feeling so much better. You can adopt a pet right here in El Paso and be a cat or dog's hero.