This video is incredibly touching. Some people believe this stray dog stumbled upon a decreased puppy and instead of walking away, spent some time to bury it. The other side believes that this is actually a piglet that passed away but the dog still buried it. Either way, this is one incredible dog.

This viral video was posted a week ago and continues to be the talk of the town. The touching video of this adorable dog giving a poor dead puppy a proper burial has touch many hearts.

Just as everyone begins to love the video, here comes the rumors of the possibility of this body not even being a puppy or the dog was just bury this animal to eat it later like a bone.

Either way, this video shows animals grieve just like us. You can say what you want about this video but if you are a pet owner you know dogs will be by your side when you are feeling down. They will mourn the loss of their owners and their fellow dog.

I still believe this dog was just doing what many humans ignore. The poor dead dogs that lie on the side of road, they just get picked apart from scavengers. This dog didn't want that to happen to this poor puppy.  Go get some tissues!