I know a lot of crazy Disney fans (especially in our office) but have you ever noticed some of their classic scenes look eerily similar?

Disney cartoons are known for their iconic characters, scenes and stories. You know exactly what Belle was wearing while dancing in the ballroom, the look on Aladdin's face when he first saw Jasmine and all the critters that helped Snow White clean up the dwarves house.

But did you see any similarities in any of these scenes?

Youtube User Movie Munchies looked back at several of Disney's classic cartoons and found some eerily similar scenes between movies that were years, even decades apart. The ballroom scene from Sleeping Beauty has the same movements as the ballroom scene from the end of Beauty and the Beast. Sleeping Beauty came out in 1959, while Beauty and the Beast was released in 1991. The dancing scenes in Snow White and Robin Hood also had the same movements in the dancing and the characters around the dancers. Snow White was released in 1937 and Robin Hood came out in 1973. They even show how the hand clapping between the dwarves and the forest animals are the same!

The next scene they blend in is the dancing bear in The Jungle Book with the dancing bear in Robin Hood. Even the little tush shake they both do is exactly the same. The last movie that's brought into the dancing scene is from The Aristocats. There is a scene where all the cats are dancing in the house and it is the same dancing as in The Jungle Book and Robin Hood. Watch the video and decide for yourself. I bet you will be surprised you've never noticed this before.