The year was 1977.  Earth shoes, disco, bell bottom jeans, and Farah Fawcett hair was in. So was skateboarding, and skaters all over El Paso were thrilled when Earth Surf, the EP's first skatepark, opened up.

Before Earth Surf opened up on Dyer in the northeast part of town, skateboarders had to make do with sidewalks, homemade ramps, and whatever else they could find, to skate on.  But, Earth Surf had 3 snake runs, a slalom hill and a freestyle area.  It was modeled after the Anaheim, California skatepark, the Concrete Wave.

Alas, skaters had only 4 years of Earth Surf heaven before it closed down and was eventually  bulldozed.  The video has interviews with Earth Surf workers and people who skated there.  It's some serious old school fun!