Earlier this month, Ford announced a recall of almost four hundred 2014 F-150 pickups because of a possible steering loss problem, but yesterday, that recall number jumped into the thousands.

courtesy: jupiter images

About 4,600 2014 F-150's are being recalled because a records search by the company that supplied a defective part to Ford, showed that more vehicles were affected by the bad sensor than originally thought.

Ford had first believed that only about 260 of the recalled vehicles had been delivered to customers, and they were notified to stop driving them. Turns out, however, that there are still F-150's with the bad sensor on dealership lots. Dealers have been told to no longer let those vehicles be used for test drives, and to make the necessary repairs.

So far, no one has reported any injuries or deaths in the affected F-150's, but the sensor could suddenly make your truck impossible to steer, so you need to get it towed to a dealer for the fix. The dealer you bought the truck from will have the necessary parts to fix the sensor problem.