Teenagers are asked to identify popular songs from the 90s. We have failed the youth of our nation if they don't know who the Backstreets Boys are. 

The Youtube Channel React decided to tests teenagers knowledge of popular music from every year in the 90s. After listening to a clip of the song, they were asked if they had ever heard of the song, and if the could identify the singer or name of the song. Sadly, the scores aren't anywhere near where I would think they would be. One girls even called a Backstreet Boys song a classic! Here's the list of songs the teens were tested on:

Ace of Base "The Sign"
Tool "Sober"
Green Day "Basket Case"
Coolio "gangster's Paradise"
Mariah Carey and Boys II Men "One Sweet Day"
Chumbawumba "Tubthumping"
Backstreet Boys "I Want It That Way"

We would also like to remind the kids in this video, that being born in 1999 does not make you a 90s kid. You are a 90s kid if you grew up in that generation, not merely born. We have much work to do to teach this generation about the wonders of true synchronized dancing, same outfit wearing boy bands. And Mariah Carey. Little girl you are right, she should be number one everyday of your life. The End.